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We occasionally have violin outfits that we acquire that are not of our normal stock specifications. All are fully inspected, and adjusted in our shop to our strict standards. We guarantee you will get an instrument in good playing condition, at an incredible price.
Look here for our better violins...Educator outfits start at only $259!

A word of caution about mail order
or eBay violins:

One should never buy an instrument from anywhere other than an actual violin shop that specializes in violins!
If you are a beginner, you need an instrument that will enable you to learn how to play. You need to have pegs that are not only made of ebony, but also adjusted so that they will hold and stay in tune. You need the action adjusted so that the strings are easy to push down, but not so low that they buzz. You need a bridge that is curved so that it is easy to play cleanly without hitting other strings. You need a quality bow that will not be too heavy or too light, and certainly not warped. Your instrument should have proper strings, and a setup that will help you produce pleasant tones as you learn. The instrument should be of a quality that will hold up to a new student, and the shop should be able to take it back on trade for a bigger or better instrument should you decide to trade up.
We hope that you will be persuaded to consider a purchase from Nashville Violins because we stand behind our instruments, and have the track record to prove that we also satisfy our customers.
If your only goal when purchasing a violin for yourself or your child is to save money, than you should just save your money by not buying any violin at all! A cheap violin may not even be able to be adjusted to play properly for a beginner. It will discourage even the most eager of learners into thinking that THEY are the problem. If they quit, or miraculously do learn to play, the junker violin will be worth NOTHING on trade. PLEASE, do yourself a favor and deal only with reputable shops that stand behind their product like Nashville Violins does.
In any situation, you will actually save money by buying a quality instrument. You can rent from only $15 per month, or buy from $259, and you are guaranteed that you can trade the instrument in for up to full credit towards a larger or more expensive violin in the future. We will even buy back the violin (at a reduced rate, of course) should you decide later to not play the instrument. We have seen too many poor quality violins on the market. We have heard too many stories about people getting ripped of by dealers that will not stand behind their product. We have seen too many beginners give up in frustration. Please do not be one of those. The world needs more strings players!
We have our normal inventory listed here including new violin outfits from $259,
European violin outfits from $379, and other fine new and used violins for all levels of players, from advancing players through professionals, by makers from all over the world including several local makers.
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